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The members of Markman Advisors publish and are quoted frequently within the media.  We have appeared in The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, CNBC, Reuters, Nature Biotechnology, FiercePharma, BioWorld, IAM, The Patent Investor, IPWatchdog, Above The Law, Best Lawyers, Nikkei Asian Review, among others.  See our Press page for a full listing of our appearances within the press.

Markman Advisors has frequently “broken” patent news through its Twitter account.  Our Twitter feed has been picked up by numerous financial news outlets, including Bloomberg, Reuters, TheStreet, Yahoo Finance, SeekingAlpha, among others.

The members of Markman Advisors have each been selected to the IAM Strategy 300 for 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018.

Quoted - 'Groundbreaking' AbbVie Suits Test Bold Anti-Generic Tactics
March 27, 2019, Law360 - Intellectual Property See Publication

Quoted - Apple, Qualcomm gird for next phase of patent battle after mixed U.S. rulings
March 26, 2019, Reuters See Publication

Quoted - Tesla lawsuit unmasks fierce headhunting by China's Xpeng
March 23, 2019, Nikkei Asian Review See Publication

Quoted - Asia leads global patent applications, with Huawei top
March 19, 2019, Nikkei Asian Review See Publication

Quoted - Apple infringed three Qualcomm patents, jury finds
March 15, 2019, Reuters See Publication

District of Delaware Makes It Harder To Corner The Market On Antibody Patents In MorphoSys v. Janssen
January 31, 2019, IPWatchdog See Publication

Quoted - Should You Opt for a Career Expert Witness or a First Timer?
January 29, 2019, Best Lawyers See Publication

Quoted - Genmab, J&J prevail in patent dispute with Morphosys
January 29, 2019, BioWorld See publication

Quoted - Look out, AbbVie. Thanks to Boehringer, your Humira biosimilar defense isn't over yet
September 13, 2018, FiercePharma See publication

Quoted - University of California's first CRISPR patent win
August 6, 2018, Nature Biotechnology 36, 673 (2018) See publication 

Quoted - Fed. Cir. Tribal Ruling Puts State PTAB Immunity In Doubt
July 23, 2018, Law 360 - Intellectual Property, See publication

Quoted - Huawei patent case shows Chinese courts' rising clout
June 11, 2018, Reuters, See publication

Quoted - Averting IP Debacles: A 'Lessons Learned' Checklist For Smart Companies
May 2, 2018, Forbes, See publication

Quoted - Getting Juries To Ax Patents Under Alice May Be Hard Sell
Mar 5, 2018, Law 360 - Intellectual Property, See publication

Quoted - Amazon's latest patents are focused on video, augmented reality, and the connected home
Jan 12, 2018, CNBC, See publication

Celgene’s New Revlimid® Lawsuits Shows Shifting Tactics From Earlier Natco Case
Nov 21, 2017, IPWatchdog, See publication

Did the Federal Circuit doom Amgen’s Enbrel® monopoly?
Nov 10, 2017, IPWatchdog, See publication

Quoted -- Allergan’s Mohawk evergreening patent deal draws criticism, but ultimately may flop
Nov 9, 2017, Nature Biotechnology (Vo. 35 No. 11 p. 1002), See publication

Quoted -- Restasis Ruling Could Be Bad Sign For Tribal Patent Pacts
Oct 17, 2017, Law360 - Intellectual Property, See publication

Quoted -- U.S. court reverses ban on sale of Regeneron, Sanofi cholesterol drug
Oct 5, 2018, Reuters, See publication

Quoted -- AbbVie, Amgen Reach Settlement in Humira Patent Dispute
Sep 28, 2017, The Wall Street Journal, See publication

Quoted -- Things To Consider Before A Patent Deal With A Tribe
 Sep 27, 2017, Law360 - Intellectual Property, See publication

The biggest problem with Allergan’s St Regis Mohawk deal is that the tribe may not own the patents
Sep 18, 2018, IAM Blog, See publication

Even if IPRs are deemed unconstitutional, not much will change - except for pharma sector, which will hate it
Jun 23, 2017, IAM Blog, See publication

IPR Oral Argument Rules Offer Opportunities, Pitfalls
Jun 22, 2017, Law 360 - Intellectual Property, See publication

Is TC Heartland All Good News for Patent Litigation Defendants?
Jun 7, 2017, IPWatchdog, See publication

Quoted - Regeneron, Sanofi urge court to reverse ban on cholesterol drug
Jun 6, 2017, Reuters, See publication

Amgen v. Regeneron: Will the permanent injunction against Regeneron’s new PCSK9-inhibitor hold up on appeal?
Jan 17, 2017, IPWatchdog, See publication

Apparent Settlement Authority In A Paragraph IV Dispute
Jan 10, 2017, Law 360, See publication

Quoted -- Going Mainstream: Will Blockchain's Open-Source Ethos Survive Corporate America?
Oct 16, 2016, Law 360 - In Depth, See publication

After the CAFC's Planet Blue decision early Alice motions may now fade away
Sep 16, 2016, IAM Media, See publication

Quoted - Nine months and counting for keenly awaited CAFC software patent 101 decision
Sep 8, 2016, IAM Blog, See publication

Quoted - Automobile technology sector seen as target of possible patent war
Apr 28, 2016, The Patent Investor, See publication

Quoted - Janssen Biotech requests expedited trial in Remicade patent dispute with Celltrion
Apr 14, 2016, The Patent Investor, See publication

Quoted - Patent investors are pursuing trading strategy around patent disputes over biologics
Mar 31, 2016, The Patent Investor, See publication

Quoted - Panel Recommends FDA Approval of Remicade Knockoff
Feb 9, 2016, Wall Street Journal, See publication

McRo decision expected to clarify abstract idea doctrine under Alice
Jan 5, 2016, IP Watchdog, See publication

Big pharma scores first victory in IPR battle with Bass and Spangenberg, but the war is far from over
Aug 27, 2015, IAM Media, See publication

The Kyle Bass pharma patent IPR strategy looks to be a lot more sophisticated and long-term than many think
Jul 17, 2015, IAM Media, See publication

A 1st Look At PTAB's Plan For Overlapping Proceedings
July 14, 2015, Law 360, See publication

Inter-Partes Review: America’s Patent Litigation Game-Changer
Nov 2014, The Patent Lawyer Magazine

When Jury's Verdict Is Not The End Of Patent Damages Case
Sep. 17, 2013, Law 360, See publication

Isolating The DNA of Patent Damages
July 1, 2013, Law 360, See publication

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