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Patent Monetization


Patents are nothing more than a right to exclude others from practicing your invention.  They cannot self-execute licenses.  Getting from a patent to revenue requires know-how, nuance and a deep well of experience.

Markman Advisors assists patent-holders turn their patents into revenue.  We have worked with large technology companies, university professors and individual inventors.  Our first-hand experience with litigation and licensing allows us to guide patent-holders through all steps of the process from acquiring patents to turning them into revenue.  Each client is different, and each client’s portfolio presents different challenges.  We work with patent-holders to tailor solutions to most efficiently generating revenue.


Salient aspects of our patent monetization services include:

  • We frequently partner with our sister law firm to act as litigation counsel.  We have monetized numerous patent portfolios through an efficient use of the litigation process that focuses on getting quickly to a license, rather than allowing a case to drag on for years.
  • Some portfolios require financing.  We have relationships with numerous litigation funders, who regularly finance attorneys’ fees and litigation expenses for patent cases.
  • Some portfolios demand a larger team, and broader litigation campaign.  We have relationships with numerous law firms, at Big Law and boutiques, to match the appropriate counsel for a given portfolio.
  • Markman Advisors is currently purchasing quality patent portfolios for monetization.  We have experience establishing entities and an infrastructure for holding and enforcing patents, while providing back-end revenue payments to the original patent-holder.  We are prepared to offer up-front cash payments for the right assets.  Please contact us to learn more.

Select prior successes include:

  • Assisting with monetization of 3D ultrasound portfolio of patents.
  • Assisting with monetization of electronic ticketing portfolio of patents.
  • Assisting with monetization of power semiconductor patents.

The terms of our successes are typically confidential, but references can be provided upon request.  Please contact us to learn more. .