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Startups want a strong patent system—they just don’t know it yet.

This week’s edition of The Economist addresses an interesting spin on the prospects of budding Silicon Valley startups living under the shadow of Big Tech.  The fantasy of getting bought is being supplanted by the reality of getting taken out.  The Economist argues that startups now live within a kill zone maintained by Big Tech—either sell out on our terms, or we’ll co-opt your technology and launch our own product.  While antitrust may be one solution to give more leverage to innovators, what about patents?

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How will Oil States impact VirnetX? Will VirnetX's damages be increased to $1.5B?

Our earlier post on VirnetX’s recent $502M jury verdict commended the company and its counsel on an incredible win, but nevertheless pointed out that it might be for naught.  The patents asserted in the trial for the $502M damages currently stand invalid pursuant to petitions for inter pares re-examination and inter partes review.  But what about Oil States?  The case is currently pending before the Supreme Court, and it addresses the constitutionality of petitions for inter partes review (IPR).  The case has already heard oral argument, and a decision is expected imminently.  Some commentators have suggested that if the Supreme Court holds IPRs unconstitutional, then that will vacate the invalidity decisions of VirnetX’s patents from the PTAB, and nothing will finally stand in the way of VirnetX’s damages.  What are the considerations that may keep alive VirnetX's prospect of collecting damages?

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