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Can Merck resurrect its $200M Sovaldi patent judgment against Gilead at the Supreme Court?

Merck ($MRK) lost a $200M patent judgment against Gilead ($GILD) after the Court found that Merck engaged in business and litigation misconduct.  Merck is now appealing to the Supreme Court, asking to resurrect that judgment.  Will it prevail?

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Will MorphoSys win the Darzalex patent case against Janssen and Genmab?

In 2016, MorphoSys ($MOR) sued Janssen ($JNJ) and Genmab for patent infringement.  MorphoSys claims that Janssen’s anti-CD38 antibody, Darzalex®, infringes three of its patents.  The case is scheduled to go to trial in February 2019.  The stakes are big because the patents purport to cover the actual protein used in Darzalex®, which could mean material royalty rates on sales of Janssen’s drug.  What are the strengths and weaknesses of each party’s case?

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Can Kite Pharma reverse its IPR loss challenging Juno’s CAR-T patent?

On June 5, 2018, the Federal Circuit will hear oral argument on Kite Pharma’s ($GILD) appeal of its IPR loss related to Sloan-Kettering’s and Juno Therapeutic’s ($CELG) CAR-T patent.  What issues will it be important to listen for in the panel’s questions?

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What is Gilead's exposure from GSK's patent lawsuit against Biktarvy®, Gilead's new integrase inhibitor HIV therapy?

Gilead’s new HIV drug, Biktarvy®, has received FDA approval.  Almost immediately, Gilead was hit with a patent-infringement lawsuit by ViiV Healthcare, which is owned by GSK, along with Pfizer and Shionogi.  What is Gilead’s exposure?

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