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Yes, Judge Plager’s admonishment that district courts stop applying Alice does matter.

 On July 20, in an otherwise unremarkable opinion, the Honorable S. Jay Plager issued a stinging dissent that should resound throughout the patent community—and may, in fact, resound throughout district courts.  See Interval Licensing LLC v. AOL, Inc., No. 2016-2502 (July 20, 2018).  Interestingly, Judge Plager did not dissent from the majority’s holding itself, but rather concurred in the reasoning of the majority.  Instead, and importantly, he dissented in the Federal Circuit’s “continued application of [Alice’s] incoherent body of doctrine.” Judge Plager’s dissent is nothing short of a recommendation that district courts stop applying the Alice doctrine, at least not until resolution of other defenses in the case. Does that matter?

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