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What are the takeaways from Unified Patents v. Realtime, the PTAB’s first post-AIT RPI decision?

The PTAB has issued its first post-AIT decision, Unified Patents, Inc. v. Realtime Adaptive Streaming, LLC.  In Realtime, the Patent Owner sought to defeat institution by arguing that Unified has run afoul of the AIT decision by failing to identify all RPIs, namely, its members.  The PTAB disagreed and instituted Unified’s IPR.  (The institution decision was entered in October, but the redacted decision issued on November 27, 2018).  How do we square the AIT decision with the Realtime decision?  Will third-party filers, such as Unified and RPX, no longer face RPI issues?

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The CAFC Curbs Personal Jurisdiction For Declaratory Judgment Actions.

A recent precedential case by the Federal Circuit, Maxchief Investments, Ltd. v. Wok & Pan, Ind., Inc., shows that the risk of a DJ action resulting from a pre-suit notice letter may be less troubling for a different reason than the one that preceded TC Heartland—namely, personal jurisdiction.

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If Hatch-Waxman cases are governed by TC Heartland, will that lead to “generic friendly” districts?

Mylan ($MYL) recently prevailed on a motion to dismiss for improper venue in a pending Hatch-Waxman case for the drug Eliquis®.  Mylan successfully argued that Delaware was an improper venue under the recently test for venue in patent cases enunciated by the Supreme Court in TC Heartland.  What are the implications of TC Heartland governing venue in all Hatch-Waxman cases?  Will it lead to “generic friendly” judicial districts?

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