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Why would acting Attorney General Matt Whitaker’s affiliated invention business, World Patent Marketing, need ex-Israeli Special Ops for security?

The day after the midterms, Trump fired AG Sessions and tapped Mr. Sessions’ chief-of-staff, Matthew G. Whitaker, to serve in the role as acting Attorney General.  Shortly thereafter, the press started to report that Mr. Whitaker was previously an advisory board member for a company known as, World Patent Marketing, before it closed shop following a consent decree with the FTC.  It is worth taking a moment to highlight the need for increased IP literacy.

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Is every individual inventor a patent troll?

Unified Patents recently released statistics on patent lawsuit filings.  The statistics show patent filings to be trending downwards fairly significantly from a peak in 2015.  Yet, the statistics also show that the individual inventor, asserting his or her own patent, is behind many patent suits.  Does that matter? 

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