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Will Teva’s PGR against Corcept’s ‘214 patent covering Korlym be instituted?

The saga over Corcept Therapeutics’s ($CORT) patent battles against prospective generics for Korlym® is approaching another stage.  We previously discussed Teva’s ($TEVA) petition for post-grant review (PGR) of the ‘214 patent.  Corcept has filed its preliminary response to Teva’s PGR, and the PTAB is scheduled to decide whether or not to institute the PGR by about November 23, 2019.  The ‘214 patent is potentially the strong patent Corcept is currently wielding against generics, since it arguably does read upon Korlym®’s label.  Now that the papers are in, what are the odds Teva’s PGR is instituted? 

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Can Corcept Therapeutics fend off Teva's generic for Korlym®?

Corcept Therapeutics recently received a Paragraph IV notice letter from Teva for its drug, Korlym®.  The market’s reaction crushed the stock, sending it from approximately $23 to roughly $17 within a day.  Corcept Therapeutics has essentially one drug, Korlym® (mifepristone).  But whether Teva will enter with a generic version of Korlym® any time soon depends directly on the patents that Corcept has in its arsenal.  What are those patents?  Is the market’s reaction justified?  Or is this a buying opportunity? 

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