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Are polymorph patents necessarily obvious? A recent CAFC decision may read-through to Revlimid’s polymorph patents.

The Federal Circuit has issued a precedential decision addressing whether a patent covering a given polymorph was invalid as obvious, Grunenthal GmbH v. Alkem Laboratories Ltd.  Though the Court explained that it was not establishing a categorical rule that polymorph patents can never be obvious, the case nonetheless provides important guidelines for when a polymorph patents are likely to be invalid.  For those following Revlimid®’s patent cases, the immediate question is—does the Grunenthal case have read-through to Celgene’s polymorph patents? 

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Is Corcept’s new Korlym lawsuit a game-changer against Teva?

Corcept Therapeutics ($CORT) recently filed a new lawsuit against Teva ($TEVA) related to Teva’s proposed generic for Korlym®.  The new suit asserts three new patents that were recently listed in the Orange Book.  Are the three new patents a game-changer?

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Korlym®: Can Corcept defeat Teva’s motion to dismiss?

Earlier this year, Teva ($TEVA) filed an ANDA to distribute a generic version of Korlym®, and soon thereafter, Corcept Therapeutics ($CORT) commenced a Hatch-Waxman patent suit in federal court in New Jersey.  On June 15, 2018, Teva moved to dismiss the case.  What is this motion all about? And will Teva’s motion prevail?

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