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Will Bio-Rad’s patent fight stop 10x Genomics’ trajectory?

10x Genomics ($TXG) launched its IPO on September 12, trading up as much as 49% on its debut.  While the market is rewarding the company’s prospects, its lingering patent fight with Bio-Rad Laboratories ($BIO) continues.  Bio-Rad and 10x have been locked in a patent battle over technology allegedly covering most of 10x’s products.  The case, which has been pending since 2015, is now heading to appeal.  10x suffered a fairly significant loss at the jury trial, after which the court ordered an injunction against essentially all of 10x’s products.  Earlier this year, 10x launched a redesigned product to circumvent, Next GEM, to circumvent the injunction.  Yet, on the eve of 10x’s IPO, Bio-Rad hit 10x with another patent suit, now directly targeting 10x’s Next GEM product.  Can Bio-Rad’s patents stop 10x’s trajectory? 

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