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Will Bio-Rad’s patent fight stop 10x Genomics’ trajectory?

10x Genomics ($TXG) launched its IPO on September 12, trading up as much as 49% on its debut.  While the market is rewarding the company’s prospects, its lingering patent fight with Bio-Rad Laboratories ($BIO) continues.  Bio-Rad and 10x have been locked in a patent battle over technology allegedly covering most of 10x’s products.  The case, which has been pending since 2015, is now heading to appeal.  10x suffered a fairly significant loss at the jury trial, after which the court ordered an injunction against essentially all of 10x’s products.  Earlier this year, 10x launched a redesigned product to circumvent, Next GEM, to circumvent the injunction.  Yet, on the eve of 10x’s IPO, Bio-Rad hit 10x with another patent suit, now directly targeting 10x’s Next GEM product.  Can Bio-Rad’s patents stop 10x’s trajectory? 

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Can Sentaor Rubio really block Huawei from pursuing patent infringement against Verizon?

It’s rare that patents make the mainstream news, and even more rare that one company’s allegation of patent infringement touches—even remotely—on issues of national security.  Yet, that appears to be happening with U.S. Senator Marco Rubio’s proposed legislation to block Huawei from seeking relief for infringement of its granted U.S. patents.  There isn’t really much precedent for legislating that a certain set of patents are unenforceable.  Can this really happen?

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Will Amgen win another injunction against Regeneron’s Praluent?

Amgen ($AMGN) is about to square off once again against Regeneron ($REGN) and Sanofi over whether Praluent® should be pulled from the market.  Having prevailed at another jury trial earlier this year showing that Amgen’s PCSK9 protein patents are both valid and infringed, Amgen has renewed its bid for a court order enjoining Praluent® from the market.  The injunction hearing is scheduled for June 2019.  Over two years ago, Amgen prevailed after an earlier injunction hearing where the court ordered Praluent® to be barred from the market.  Will Amgen be able to prevail again? 

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Is Novartis’ S1P modulator titration patent a “roadblock” to Celgene’s ozanimod?

While Bristol Myers ($BMY) proposed acquisition of Celgene’s ($CELG) remains in question by activists questioning Revlimid®’s pending patent cliff, a new patent angle emerges.  A Credit Suisse analyst recently identified a patent owned by Novartis ($NVS) that could purportedly act as a “roadblock” to Celgene’s MS drug ozanimod.  Is this true?

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